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This particularly created digitizer serves as the link between the sensors and the computer-assisted analysis in applications for structural health monitoring.


Tiltmeters, Sensors

These sensors measure the multi-directional movement and inclination of the structure in Structural Health Monitoring applications.


Structural Health Monitoring and EQ Devices

A system of accelerometers, Seismometers, Communications, Computers and Sirens design to inform neighboring regions of a significant earthquake while it occurring.


Shake Tables

TDG has expertise in the field of earthquake, seismic, structural health monitoring and servo testing equipment’s such as shake tables, universal and fatigue test machines.


Servo Hydraulic Loading and Testing Machines

Developed the test ferrous material for structural characteristics such as yield strength and tensile strength. In addition to tensile testing, universal Test Machine may do compression test up to the machine’s capacity.



DISPLAYCE is a cutting-edge Internet of Things system built on inexpensive, single-frequency GNSS components that can rival professional instrumentation currently available on the market in terms of efficiency and dependability.



TURNKEY nodes consist of low-weight, small, low-power, dual frequency GNSS stations, photovoltaic-powered power supply modules, 868 MHz wireless interfaces, and an integrated LTE modem for data transfer.