Structural Health Monitoring and EQ Devices

This particularly created digitizer serves as the link between the sensors and the computer-assisted analysis in applications for structural health monitoring.


  • P & S wave Alarms
  • Pre-defined Scenarios
  • False Triggering Cancelation
  • 8 Configurable threshold Levels
  • 4μG, DC – 1000Hz & -30C to +70C
  • 3 Component Low Noise Seismic Accelerometer
  • Different alarms & earthquake intensity Scales, RI, DI, MMI, MMI – Local.


EQUAKE ARM for smart system is part of EQUAKE – SMART E-QUAKE-SMART is a simpler, easier-to-use earthquake warning and automated reaction system that primarily intends to start basic precautionary reactions in a structure when it detects severe shaking.

  • 8/16 Channel
  • Long term Stability
  • Stimulation Sampling
  • Wide Sensor Compatibility
  • Suitcase Enclosure Design for Mobility
  • 24 Bit Multi Channel Field Type Digitizer
  • Real time data multi-channel data recording